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TOR for Journalism Training Curriculum Adaptation


Thomson Reuters Foundation is the corporate foundation of Thomson Reuters, the global news and information services company. As an independent charity, registered in the UK and the USA, we work to advance media freedom, foster more inclusive economies, and promote human rights. Through news, media development, free legal assistance and convening initiatives, we combine our unique media and legal services to drive systemic change.

The Foundation’s Media Development team provides support to journalists and independent media outlets to produce and distribute high quality journalism in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

One of our major programmes is Wealth of Nations (WON), funded by Norad, which boosts the capacity of African media to report and investigate illicit financial flows and the abuse of tax laws. Since 2014, the programme has trained individual journalists and newsrooms to develop their financial journalism and investigative skills. The target audience for the programme is early-mid career journos from across continent working across media (print, online, broadcast, digital).

Due to Covid-19, in-person trainings have been paused. Therefore, TRF is looking for a highly qualified curriculum development consultant to work with the project team to adapt existing course training material for remote delivery and update material in line with latest developments in journalism.


To design an English-language remote distance course, based on the existing in-person curriculum, to be used by TRF’s trainers to build the capacity of mid-career African journalists in investigative skills and to report on illicit financial flows. The curriculum development consultant will work under the guidance of the TRF team and adapt curriculum and training materials based on the brief provided by the team. The TRF project team includes a consultant with experience in designing and delivering in-person WON courses.

Scope of Services and Tasks:

The curriculum development consultant will work closely with the TRF project team in completing the following tasks, described in detail below:

  1. Review existing curriculum and finalise an existing learning journey
  2. Adapt existing curriculum for remote delivery
  3. Develop new modules to ensure curriculum is in line with current journalism practices
  4. Support TRF team and third-party vendor (e-learning consultant) with adapting selected content for e-module development


Review existing curriculum/ develop learning journey

  1. Review existing 20 module curriculum for 8-day in-person training to identify key modules for remote adaptation and any gaps to bring curriculum in line with latest developments in journalism. TRF has already completed a pre-selection exercise.
  2. Develop a learning journey that clearly outlines participants’ learning pathway and stages as well as learning objectives and/or outcomes.


Adapt existing curriculum for remote delivery

  1. Adapt existing training material for remote delivery via Microsoft Teams/ Zoom using a blended approach (live sessions, skills labs, self-directed learning, e-modules) as well as developing training content and notes for the instructors/facilitators. This should include visual presentations, participatory tools for learners, and interactive content. The aim is to ensure as much visual presentation as possible.


Module development

  1. Based on identified gaps, develop new modules to update training content. This includes, but is not limited to, a module on misinformation/disinformation.


Support e-module development

  1. Liaise with e-learning consultant in the selection and development of select e-modules


Key Outputs and Deliverables:

  1. A draft workplan for the consultancy period due by 31 August 2020.
  2. Finalise the existing learning journey due by 31 August 2020.
  3. Draft detailed agenda with trainer notes due by 7 September 2020.
  4. Draft adaptation of existing course material by 14 September 2020.
  5. Remote online English-language course on illicit finance and investigative journalism based on existing training material due by 24 September 2020.  The training material should be developed on TRF templates and include:
    1. Agenda and Syllabus
    2. Detailed trainer’s manual with notes for each session/component
      1. Trainers’ manual to include detailed guidance on how to best deliver the curriculum, including the most effective training strategies, methodologies and tools.
    3. Live session PPTs and handouts for participants
    4. Interactive individual and group exercises (e.g. homework, reviewable tasks etc.)
    5. List of required and suggested readings and video/audio material
    6. List of reference to sources used for developing the training curriculum
  6. Liaise with e-learning consultant in the selection and development of select e-modules, due date TBC.


Note: all deliverables to be reviewed by TRF project team.

Qualifications and Experience:

The consultant should have a strong background in, and understanding of, journalism training, financial and investigative journalism and adult learning.

  • Track record of developing engaging and interactive remote course curricula
  • Knowledge and understanding of adult learning theories and best practices
  • Excellent written English


  • Experience of adapting in-person curricula to remote delivery
  • Experience of working in Africa


Application procedure

Thomson Reuters Foundation is looking for an individual to take on this role.

We are looking for candidates who have a participatory approach and who are willing to use their findings and expertise to help us improve the programme. Please send the following documents to us by email:

  • Brief proposal (no more than 3 sides of A4) – describing your relevant experience, your understanding of the assignment, the tools and methodology you will use to ensure the remote course is interactive, how you will deliver the terms of reference, proposed work plan, a detailed account of fees (inclusive of taxes)
  • An example of your previous curriculum design work most similar to that described in this TOR
  • Basic budget in USD or GBP – the budget should outline how you would divide the estimated number of person-days between the key tasks outlined here and the day rate for each task.
  • CV detailing relevant experience

Please email these documents to by Tuesday, 18 August. Please ensure the subject of your email reads: “Wealth of Nations – curriculum design consultant”.