Opportunities for Newsrooms

We are looking to work with independent media organisations based anywhere in Africa to help them become 'flagship' centers for the investigation of illicit finance and tax abuse. 

As well as offering support, we would like to learn about what newsrooms in Africa are already doing and share best practice across borders. If selected, your organisation will have access to bespoke in-house training and consultancy from a range of experts based within and outside Africa, including current and former Reuters journalists and editors. The newsroom will also be able to apply for modest reporting grants to assist with the production of stories and investigations. 

The support we offer is bespoke - we aim to meet the needs of the media outlet concerned. Our support could cover investigative techniques, story generation, research and sourcing, storytelling, or multimedia approaches to covering illicit finance. We aim to be as practical as possible, grounding any training on real story ideas and hypotheses. 

We would like to hear from media organisations which are:

  • Based somewhere in Africa, and reporting primarily for an African audience
  • Independent
  • Motivated to produce content on illicit finance - this could be investigative, but does not need to be
  • Keen to make illicit finance a 'beat' - not just a one off story
  • Of any size - in the past we have worked with media both large and small (and anywhere in between)
  • Working in any medium - print, radio, TV, online, social media, or any mixture of these

We invite representatives of eligible media organisations to send expressions of interest to info@wealth-of-nations.org.

Please address the following points:

  • Give an overview of your media organisation
  • Is the organisation independent? Briefly explain how it is owned and run in a way that ensures independence
  • What is your track record in business/finance reporting, and/or investigative journalism? Please provide examples of any notable stories
  • Give a financial picture of the organisation. What are the sources of revenue and to what extent do they cover the operating costs? 
  • What is your audience size - to the extent you have data on this? 
  • What stories ideas do you have on illicit finance and related topics? Story ideas are not obligatory, but enthusiasm for the topic is! 

Expressions of interest from media organisations may be submitted at any time.

However, we encourage interested organisations to contact us as soon as possible because a limited number of media organisations will be able to engage in the programme.