FEATURED ARTICLE: Obey Manayiti - The Chiadzwa underworld: How gems smuggling is thriving in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean journalist Obey Manayiti writes about diamond smuggling in his home country:

"SITTING under a shade with eyes glued on a road in Mozambique’s Manica town’s affluent suburb, a group of five young men scans all directions for potential suppliers of diamonds.

The street is notoriously known for illegal sale of Zimbabwe’s smuggled diamonds and the group is quick to approach passersby, asking if they have good diamond parcels. Other smaller groups are milling around and in a bid to ward off competition, they brag about how their different “bosses” are loaded with cash and give good prices.

As a conversation between this group and the news crew begins, a white man *Moses (not his real name) arrives while driving a top-of-the-range vehicle in what later turns to be one of his frequent visits to get updates and to “motivate” his guys to look for more parcels." 

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